Thoughts and stories about computers and software by Oliver Lowe.

OpenBSD routers on AliExpress mini PCs

Almost 10 years running a great OS on some nice little network appliance hardware from AliExpress.

Germany rules LinkedIn must honour Do Not Track: some ironic context

Open-source software projects, large and small, have abandoned Do Not Track.

Migrating from Dropbox to Syncthing: 2 years later

Open-source software projects, large and small, have abandoned Do Not Track.

Cloud-Native: Echoes of the Java World

My struggle coming from a UNIX background in the modern corporate jargon server software world.

Why in-car computer systems are so bad - Part 1

Do the people making these things even know what they are doing? Maybe not.

Australian Trading Platform Stake Addresses Intentional Trade Restriction Claims

With US platform Robinhood facing a class action lawsuit on trade restriction, similar platform Stake faces pressure to prove its outage was purely technical. to Redirect Starting Soon

What was almost left behind as traffic is redirected from

Go's ioutil package to be deprecated in 1.16

New features may get all the coverage, but work on core packages has not stopped.

Microsoft, Cisco, Other Source Code From SolarWinds Hack Purportedly Leaked

And attempts at verification only raise more questions

Preliminary OpenBSD Support Added to OBS Studio

A new sndio plugin and a hint that more complete support is on the way.

OpenRsync Work Continues

OpenBSD developers are writing a permissively-licensed implementation of the rsync program.

MacOS Kernel Extensions Still Deprecated

And still causing problems. A broader look into why kernel extensions will be removed from macOS.

OpenBSD on Git

OpenBSD developers are writing a new version control system.