Microsoft, Cisco, Other Source Code From SolarWinds Hack Purportedly Leaked

And attempts at verification only raise more questions

Encrypted files purportedly containing source code of Microsoft Windows, Cisco and SolarWinds products were published on a new site today,

[Microsoft Windows (partial) source code and various Microsoft repositories]

price: 600,000 USD

data: msft.tgz.enc (2.6G)

We sent an email to the provided address, asking for clarification and proof that the leaks were genuine. But the mail bounced with a “Address does not exist” message. We reached out to ProtonMail to comment on whether the account was ever registered and will update this article on any reply.

The site’s contents are signed using PGP. A Hacker News commenter advises the key used is E2C73BC53B9118A0. This is not available on the keyserver.

The domain was registered at TuCows just a couple of days ago on 11 January. Hosting is provided by Swedish hosting company njalla.

The encrypted files are also hosted on, which may be an infringement on their terms of service.

Of course, 600,000 USD may be steep for Windows source code; Windows XP source code is available via BitTorrent already.