Germany rules LinkedIn must honour Do Not Track: some ironic context

Open-source software projects, large and small, have abandoned Do Not Track.

Loads of people upvoted the article German court prohibits LinkedIn from ignoring “Do Not Track” signals on Hacker News a few days ago.

Ironically Stack Diary - the site which broke this story - serves Koko Analytics, which now ignores the Do Not Track (DNT) header (see commit 6890f3c).

Why? Koko Analytics devs cite Mozilla’s recommendation to ignore DNT. Safari no longer supports DNT. Chrome and Firefox do, but it’s off by default.

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is DNT’s spiritual successor, apparently. Mozilla funded the GPC implementation in Firefox back in December 2021. Koko Analytics does not support GPC. GoatCounter, a similar project, also ignores DNT and GPC remains unsupported (see Why GoatCounter ignores Do Not Track).

Thankfully uBlock Origin blocks loading the scripts altogether.